As with almost any business, your most important clients are the ones who return. While you may spend a lot attracting them in the first place, if you have them returning over a period of time, that will more than make up for the cost of acquisition. Whatever industry you are in, it is important to retain clients and customers, and this is usually beneficial for both parties. From both perspectives, why spend time, energy and money, constantly searching for a new partner because you haven’t managed to retain what you have. We understand that first impressions matter, and that the wrong one will seriously affect your chances of securing them, so below are a few tips you should follow in order to lock in that new client.

Identify your ideal client

You have to accept that you won’t be able to attract everyone. Once you understand this, you can begin defining who your ideal client is, and when you have focused deep enough on this, it makes its so much easier to attract them. Think about this for example, mechanics wouldn’t be advertising themselves to everyone as not everyone has a motor vehicle, so they would focus their efforts on those who do. Although this is simple enough to fathom, it is surprising how many companies advertise or look in the wrong places because they fail to identify and focus on the correct target market.

Do your research

Just like a job interview, you wouldn’t walk in there without having done your research on the company or the position you are applying for, and the process to landing a client is no different, so keep that same attitude. In fact, you should be doing more research than them, because it is likely that you need them more than they need you (although you don’t want them to know that). Find out their needs, their past history, and what you can offer of value to them, and you will take a big step towards them signing up. If they have had problems with inefficiencies in the past, show them how your services can help and how they won’t be encountering the same problems by working with you. I have seen potential clients sign up largely in part because they had a good experience attending meetings! Those trying to sign them up had invested in a visitor management system in their office, which streamlined the organisation of their meetings and seriously impressed them.


Many recommendations in business come through word of mouth, so it is important that if you do great work for a current client (and vice versa), you should consider putting a good word in to others who could also benefit. This can be through reviews, testimonials or literally just verbal recommendations, and is the simplest and cheapest way of securing new clients. As a business, you will want to network with other businesses or people that can help you, and this usually means putting yourself out there to find new clients. Attend networking events and engage with others who you are not yet familiar with, rather than with just those that you know. Putting yourself out there and having a wider base to choose from is far more beneficial in the long-run than playing it safe and staying in your comfort zone.