Its hard to do business and lose weight at the same time

Loosing weight can be difficult for many and they don’t feel that they have the time to do anything about it. If you are an entrepreneur, then you know how difficult it can be to find some time to lose weight. If you really want to lose weight you need to find 30 minutes every day to get some exercise. Exercise will help you lose weight and eating right will help you lose even more, so remember to eat healthy.

Eating healthy on the go, can be a challenge, so you need to make some food at home, that you can take with you. Make the food the day before, so you don’t have to hurry in the morning.


Meetings have always been and will always will be the best venue for directors and managers to study and conceptualise innovative ways to secure the continuing growth of their company. Without constant meetings, they cannot keep track on their business’ progress nor its recession.

It may be very easy to look at, but setting and managing meetings involves planning and coordination itself. Failure to coordinate the participants, finalise the agenda or book the meeting venue will surely result in meeting failure, thus, a loss in productivity and opportunity for company growth and innovation. This is the reason why investing in meeting booking software is a great option for every company (even for small to medium enterprises who have recently entered the industry).

Aside from loss in productivity, bad meetings directly result in duplication of work for employees, most especially for directors and managers. It should be taken into great consideration that company directors and managers do not only manage their own time but also the deal with their potential clients’ and business partners’ time. Unproductive meetings result in a great change of their work schedule, directly affecting their entire day’s plan of action. Instead of them being able to tick the box for their tasks of the day, meeting failure delays them to do other essential tasks for the good of their business and at the same time pile up their work for the succeeding days, reducing their productivity.

In the case of employees, meeting failure delays their opportunity to provide potential solutions and strategies for the company’s overall growth and sustainability. Through meetings, employees are updated with the company’s goals and objectives. This is the venue where they present their ideas and given tasks that will contribute to the achievement of the company’s overall goal. It is also the best venue where employees are reminded of their great importance in the company through their contribution in company planning and development.

Though other businesses can manage the use of pen and paper for meeting bookings, business owners should take into consideration how one single investment in innovation can change the overall growth potential for their company. By erasing manual processing and antiquated, heavily paper-based system, they create a new look of automated process, eradicating double-bookings and maximising their company’s work productivity.

It is apparent that the world has entered into a new era of modernization and technology, but it cannot be denied that other companies prefer to stay under the comforts of paper and pen and manual labour. And although it is true that everyone has their own pace and style of work, sometimes it is more than necessary to adapt to certain changes technology in order to prevent stagnation and underdevelopment. Therefore, it should be the directors’ discretion— either they innovate and grow or remain out-dated and be left behind in the industry.